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 Who can go on a Quest Retreat?   

  • Retreatants: Freshman & Sophomores ONLY. 1 night/ 2 day Retreat, Sat. AM- Sun. PM, Must have 15 participants signed up for Quest to run correctly. 
  • Leaders: Past Participants that are Freshman or Sophomores. 3 Mandatory Leader Meetings before the actual retreat, MUST ATTEND or will be dismissed as a Leader. 2 nights/ 2.5 days Retreat, Frid. PM- Sun. PM (Students must fill out a Leader Application to qualify, a phone interview will be conducted.)       
    • Leader Meetings/Dates: MANDATORY:  
      • 1.) TBD 5pm-6pm: Pick "Talks" & Leadership Roles (Youth Group Room/Rectory Basement)
      • 2.) TBD- 4:00pm-7:30pm: MANDATORY 3.5 hr. meeting (Youth Group room/ Basement, dinner served)  
      • 3.) TBD- 5-7pm Team Building event/final planning 2 hrs. (Youth Group Room/Basement, dinner served)  

What is Quest?

  • Quest is a two-day retreat for students in high school grades 9th-10th ONLY. On Quest, you will learn more about yourself, your relationships with family/friends, & your relationship with God. Quest includes group discussions, games, prayer, & talks where teens & sometimes young adults share their lives. Teens stay overnight at Retreat Center along with Adult Chaperones.

Policies to abide by:

  • NOTE: STRICT PHONE POLICY! Phones will not be utilized at all & placed in a tub at the beginning of the retreat & given back at the end of the retreat. Students caught with any such devices, Parents will be contacted immediately & the parent will come pick up their child & be removed from the retreat center. It's best to explain this to your child ahead of time so there are No surprises! Youth that try to give fake phones or set an alarm will also be removed from the retreat house. Best to leave phones at home to receive the best outcome from the retreat. Parents will be able to get a hold of their child through the Youth Minister for emergency situations & or check-ins at anytime through the Remind app. See below
  • Parents of Retreatants MUST JOIN: Remind APP for all communications, Text 81010 code: @quest39


Young adult Chaperones will help w/ small groups. We appreciate your commitment as a Chaperone greatly! Please be considerate of not cancelling last minute as we depend on your help, we understand emergency's arise but without Chaperones Quest can't happen. 

    • Requirements to Chaperone: 
    • 1.) Login & create a  Virtus Account online, https://www.virtusonline.org/virtus/index.cfm?
    • 2.) Take Protecting God's Children online course
    • 3.) Do the Back Ground Check (Every 5 yrs.)
    • 4.) Take the Mandated Reporter Course
    • 5.) If Driving the night before, must fill out Drivers Form with proof of Insurance Card/ Registration/ Drivers License. 

What Will It Be Like?

  • Quest starts when retreatants leave MBVM Parish Offices/school parking lot at 9am on Saturday and ends when they are dropped back off at the MBVM Parish Offices/school parking lot at approx. 6:00pm Sunday .  
  • Leaders will leave Friday, after school with Youth Minister & Adult Chaperones. 

What to Bring?

  • Everyone is allowed to bring one bag/backpack size bag, Toiletries (toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant. etc), T-shirts/shorts/sweatpants type attire for 2 days, No short shorts, no belly shirts. Depending on what season & location-Swim suit for on site pool/beach towel, (athletic wear is best.). Slippers/heavy duty socks (NO shoes inside), A Re-usable water bottle & a Snack to share with the group. (Bath Towels are provided) 

What is the COST? (Cost helps pay for the transportation/bus, Lodging & Food) 

  • Retreatants - $125.00 (Please make payment when registering) 
  • Leaders - $125.00 (Payment will be accepted once your Actual Application is approved & Leader form is filled out,  2 step process for Leaders)

How to sign up:

Payment accepted via credit/debit card OR submit a check made payable to: Maternity BVM Catholic Church Youth Group- 308 E. Marsile St., Bourbonnais, IL  60914

(Financial assistance available, please contact the church, We don't want anyone to not attend because of money).

For more information contact Youth Minister Office: (815) 933-8285 ext. 335