Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church

Wedding Music Selections



Selections for Bridesmaids Processional, Bride’s Processional  

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1. Pachabel Canon   

2. Jesu Joy of Our Desiring


Musicians: MBVM Chamber Strings


Selections for Bridesmaids Processional, Bride’s Processional or Recessional           

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 1. Handel’s Allegro from the Water Music Suite (Hornpipe)

2. Ode to Joy

3. Festival Voluntary  (organ only)

4. Prince of Denmark (also known as Trumpet Voluntary)

5. Rondeau


                        Musicians: Eric Penrod, trumpet     Chris Lord, organist     Cassie Lord-Remmert, tympani


Selections for the Gathering Song (after the processionals)


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1. Hear Us Now Our God and Father 

2. Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee (Gather Comprehensive  # 528)

3. Gather Us In (Gather Comprehensive  # 744)


Selections for the Mother’s Processional


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1. Parent’s Prayer

2. So They May Marry

3. How Beautiful


Musician: Pat Skelly, soloist    Chris Lord, pianist


Selections for the Responsorial Psalm


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1.  God is Love

2.  This is the Day

3.  Blest Are Those Who Love You


Musicians: Priscilla Dwyer, Pat Skelly, soloists    Patrick Lord-Remmert, violin


Selections for use during the lighting of the Unity Candle or as preludes before the Wedding Liturgy

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1. My Song Will Be For You Forever

2. The Gift of Love  

3. And On This Day


Musicians:Brad Senffner, soloist     Vocal Choir    Chet Lord-Remmert, cello    Patrick Lord-Remmert, violin


Additional selections for use during the lighting of the Unity Candle or as preludes


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1. Wherever You Go

2. Surely The Presence

3. Servant Song

4. Covenant Hymn


Musicians: Pat Skelly,  soloist    Vocal Choir    Lauren King, clarinet    Chet Lord-Remmert, cello


If you are having Communion, these are suggestions for songs during Communion         

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1. Life-Giving Bread   (Gather Comprehensive # 822)

2. One Bread, One Body   (Gather Comprehensive  # 830)

3. Song of the Body of Christ   (Gather Comprehensive  # 847)


Musicians: Priscilla Dwyer, soloist    Lauren King, clarinet    Maddison Denault, percussion


Selections if you are having a special devotion to Mary (usually flowers to the statue of Mary)

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1. Ave Maria (Schubert)

2. Hail Mary: Gentle Woman


   Musicians: Brad Senffner, Priscilla Dwyer soloists    Chet Lord-Remmert, cello