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Youth Ministry Adult Chaperone Form

As a Chaperone please complete the following form:

Youth Ministry Adult Chaperone Form/Guidelines

Questions on any of the following Virtus Requirements contact Sherry Denault at sdenault@mbvm.org

Thank you for your willingness to further the message of Christ to youth through your participation as an Adult Chaperone. Youth Ministry cannot happen without adult involvement. Your presence, encouragement, and empowerment of youth are critical to the success of Youth Ministry at our parish.

The following Adult Chaperone Guidelines have been developed to help you in your role as Adult Chaperone:

General Chaperone Conduct:

Adult chaperones should reflect mature and responsible behavior. As models of appropriate Christian behavior, Chaperones are asked to follow the Code of Behavior as well. In addition to leading youth by modeling a positive attitude and involvement, we ask that all adults refrain from consuming drugs and alcohol and from smoking. It is important for the youth to realize that the chaperones from their parish are there to walk the journey with them.

Supervision of Youth:

All adult chaperones are responsible for the supervision of the youth participants from our parish. This extends to all youth at Youth Ministry events when inappropriate behavior is observed. Please be familiar with the Code of Behavior. It is imperative that all adults are willing to confront behavior code violations. Serious behavior code violations are to be brought to the attention of the parish leader. Parish leaders are expected to disclose inappropriate behaviors to the people in charge of MBVM events.

Visibility Among the Youth:

Please be intentionally visible and interactive with the youth participants from Maternity. Your presence among the young people is very important. Make frequent head counts, monitor time away from the group for bathroom breaks and other reasons, and communicate firm check-in times to youth participants. Being attentive to their needs can help you anticipate situations that might require your attention.

Responding to Accidents:

If there is an emergency that requires immediate medical attention, contact emergency services immediately. In the US, dial 911.
Please inform the MOSH leaders as soon as possible of any accident. If medical attention is required, but not an emergency basis, make the participant as comfortable as
possible. Then, contact the participant’s parents as soon as possible. Please be sure to stay in communication with the Maternity leaders in charge of the event. It is important to use the Accident/Incident Form for Youth Events to document what happened to cause the accident and the steps taken to provide attention or treatment following the accident. This should be turned in to the Maternity leaders and staff.

Providing Guidance and Encouragement to Youth:

There may be times when young people have difficulty focusing, following directions, or cooperating for many reasons. Speak to the person privately in a gentle and direct manner. You may have to remove the individual from the group setting (which is highly recommended) in order to have that conversation. See the guidelines below for Safety of Youth and Adult Participants. It is important that you not publicly humiliate another person. If needed, please do not hesitate to ask other adult chaperones or your parish leader for help, especially if the cause of these behaviors is beyond your ability to respond.

For the Safety of the Youth Participants and Adult Chaperones

No adult should be alone in an enclosed area with a youth participant. Conversations with youth should take place in a public location. If you are speaking to youth in a room, make sure the door to that room remains open. When responding to situations in opposite-sex housing, make sure another adult is present and announces your presence prior to entering the area. See “Protecting God’s Children” below.

Requirements for the Protection of Young People

Adult chaperones are required to have a criminal background check performed and attend Protecting God’s Children (VIRTUS) training prior to chaperoning an event with minors.

Responsibility to Report - Adult chaperones have the responsibility to report the following information concerning youth:

Serious behavior code violations - Report as soon as possible to Maternity leader.

Accident or injury (at event) - Report immediately if emergency treatment is required. Call Emergency services first, then leaders and parents. If accident or injury is not an emergency, report as soon as possible to Maternity leaders and/or parents.

Suicide thoughts or threat if a person is an immediate danger to themselves or others - Report immediately to Mosh leaders and parents.

Disclosure of physical or sexual abuse - Report immediately to Parish leader and/or parents. This also needs to be reported to the appropriate authorities (government agency).

Videotaping and Still Photography

Videotaping and still photographs may occur during this event. These may be used for marketing future events of this nature. Registration for this event constitutes permission for possible participation in videotaping and/or still photographs



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