Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church

Adult Choir

  Our Adult Choir is temporarily suspended

due to COVID-19




 We always looking for more members to join our Choir.

Please consider...


Top 10 Reasons to Join the Choir at Maternity BVM Catholic Church:
1. Rehearsals on Wednesday nights, so it's a great way to take a mid-week break from your busy life.
2. You always have a reserved seat for Christmas and Easter.
3. Intellectual Stimulation - when you sing, you use both sides of your brain simultaneously.
4. People who are involved in music live longer and healthier lives.
5.  You are setting a good example to the children, teenagers and reluctant adults in our parish.
6. No auditions or solos required.
7.It's a great way to get involved.
8. You'll gain another family.
9. Singing is a great way to relax.
10.  From St. Augustine:  To sing is to Pray Twice


To join the Adult Choir contact Chris Lord at [email protected] or call at 815-933-8285 ext. 333

We would love to have you!