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Fundraising Toolkit

Fundraising Toolkit


Thank you for your support of Maternity BVM Catholic Church "Walk in Love" Walkathon. We can help you plan your fundraising strategy. These ideas can be formatted and customized to best achieve YOUR goals.

So go get started and get excited about what you are about to accomplish both physically and philanthropically!

How to begin:

Begin in September

  • Create your list of potential donors. Consider your network: family and friends, neighbors, co-workers, physicians, church members, or even local businesses.
  • Set your fundraising goal. Look at your list and assess what you think would be a goal for you ($200, $500, etc.).
  • Get familiar with your personal fundraising page. Your page is a key component to reaching your goal. 
  • Begin reaching out! Use social media as another tool for a successful fundraising campaign.
  • Review your donor list and follow up with a personal message. Why this event is important to you?
  • Utilize Matching Gifts Programs. Ask your place of employment if it offers this program. You can double or even triple your fundraising dollars!
  • Follow up and reminders are key! Reach out to those who haven’t had a chance to support you yet. Share a training update and your goals


  • Send a personal note or email to all of your donors thanking them for helping you reach your goal. Share your experience: include your fundraising results, your miles walked and a photo of yourself walking! Consider also using your note as one final appeal to those who have not yet donated.
  • Stay Organized.  Keep good records of all offline donations (checks or cash) before sending them to Maternity BVM Church. That way, you’ll have an accurate and up-to-date record of both your online and offline donations. (Offline forms can be found at the end of this document.)

How You Can Raise Money: Variety is Key 

Email,  Letter Writing, or Social Media Campaign

This is a great way to jump-start your fundraising campaign. Email or snail-mail your list of potential donors and ask them to support your efforts. Not only do your friends and family love to hear what you are up to, but it is also a quick and easy way to meet your goal.

Create a facebook event with a link to your personal page.  Share photos or the Walkathon logo (download here)

Text to Give

A simple way to get friends to our fundraising page is have the text WALK to (855) 202-2100.  It's that easy!

Here are some simple steps in promoting your campaign:

  1. Introduce the event and why it’s important to you. Share your story! People will respond and give when they understand why you are asking for their support.
  2. Share our mission with your potential donors (see below)
  3. Create a personal connection through a photograph. If you’re participating in honor of a loved one include a photo of him or her. If you’re writing any letters include a copy of the photo in each letter as well. This gives your friends an image to connect with the cause.
  4. Invite friends to get involved by making a pledge. Let them know donating is easy. They may make a pledge by going online to our website, calling Maternity at (815) 933-8285 ext. 315 or sending in a check made payable to MBVM.  You can also send them your personal fundraising page link or have them text walk to (855) 202-2100.

End your correspondences by thanking everyone in advance for their consideration of your request. Thank them again if they make a donation. You truly cannot thank people too much for their generosity. 

Sample Fundraising Email/Letter

Dear Friend,

By participating in the "Walk-In-Love" Walkathon, I will be Maternity BVM Church's mission to radiate the light and love of Christ to all.
Click the link below to visit my fundraising page and help me reach my personal goal by making an online donation today. (link to your Personal Fundraising Page here)

Thank you for your support as I challenge myself not only in participating but also enhancing my health and others in mind, body and spirit.

Thank you!

Your Name

PS. For additional information about Maternity BVM Catholic Church, please visit


Matching Gifts Programs

Matching gifts are a type of philanthropy in which companies financially match donations that their employees make to nonprofit organizations. Talk to your HR department to see if your company has a program. Tip: Ask your donors as they may have a program through their own employer.


Walk-in-Love Walkathon Talking Points

Below are some quick talking points about how your donors’ support contributes to the good things Maternity BVM Church does in our Community.

  • Food Pantry: Our food pantry serves individuals and families in the Bourbonnais village who are struggling to keep food on the table.  Our food pantry is open once a week on Thursday afternoon and serves many families in the village.
  • Senior Soup Lunch: This luncheon serves the seniors in our community to promote companionship. Many of our seniors have lost a spouse and are in need of human companionship and fellowship.  These monthly lunches are open to anyone in the village.
  • Camp M*O*S*H: This ministry reaches out to those who need a helping hand with projects and/or chores.  We serve many non-profits in our community and seniors who need a little help around the house.  Such projects include cleaning, painting, light repairs, yardwork, etc. This ministry started as a once every other summer, but has now developed into a monthly ministry.
  • Outreach:  Our outreach committee provides food baskets to several non-profit agencies at Christmas and Easter.  In addition our outreach committee provides donations to non-profit agencies who provide help to people in our community such as Catholic Charities, Fortitude in addition to Blessings in a Backpack.
  • Prayer experiences and Liturgies.  We provide a multitude of Liturgies and Pray Services for anyone in the community who wishes to join us.
  • Education: We support Bishop McNamara Catholic Schools
  • Religious Education:  We provide an education for children as well as adult bible studies and groups for anyone who wishes to join.


The Mission at Maternity BVM Catholic Church

Inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and nourished by the Holy Eucharist, we are missionary disciples radiating the light and love of Christ to all. 


Pledge Form

You do not need to use a pledge form as your donors can pledge online directly to your personal fundraising page.  Donors may also visit our website at to find the walkathon link.  Pledges can be made through linking your name to their pledge.  But if you want to collect pledges with a form (click here) .   You never know who you’ll meet that will be inspired to donate!