Renew - Be My Witness

Renew - Be My Witness

Be My Witness - Small Groups

Will be starting up again during Lent 2019

You can sign up to join a small group during this time

"In all its activities, the parish encourages and trains its members to be evangelizers. 

It is a community of communities...and a center of constant missionary outreach"

- Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel.


What is Be My Witness?

We are excited to announce a new program here at Maternity called Be My Witness.  This program draws its inspiration from Pope Francis’ landmark document on evangelization, The Joy of the Gospel.  This program helps parish leaders view everything that we do through the lens of evangelization and then gets us praying, discussing and planning ways to center our parish on constant missionary outreach.  

Be My Witness invites all parishioners to become partners in the New Evangelization using parish-based small groups - a proven way to encounter Christ, reawaken faith, and motivate missionary outreach.  In this program, small group members explore key insights from The Joy of the Gospel and develop the attitudes and behaviors of missionary disciples.

“Be My Witness” small groups will begin here at Maternity in October of this year, and will meet for 6 weeks, ending right before Thanksgiving.  And then pick up again for another 6 weeks during Lent.  Small groups typically meet in parishioners homes, in a coffee shop, or maybe in the parish library.  These small groups of approximately 8-10 parishioners will meet for about 1-1/2—2 hours once a week for those 6 weeks.  When you join a small group, you will receive a participant book, and a trained leader will guide you and your group through each meeting.   In your small group, you will gather, pray, read scripture, view a short video,  and share your thoughts and faith with each other.  You will then brainstorm ideas on how to put your faith into action throughout upcoming week.  Throughout the 12 weeks, you will find yourself transforming into the Missionary   Disciple Christ asks us to become.

When is Be My Witness?

When you join a small group, you will meet with your group for 6 weeks in the fall, and 6 weeks during Lent. That's all the commitment needed.  We will place you in a group that conveniently fits into your schedule.  Groups meet for approximately 90-120 minutes once a week for those 6 weeks.

How Much does it cost to join a Small Group with Be My Witness?

We are asking for donations to cover the cost of the participant books. Each book costs $16.95. (Spouses are welcome to share) Please donate whatever you can afford.You can donate online after submitting your sign-up (see donate button at bottom of page)

How Many People will be in my Small Group and where will we meet?

There will be approximately 6-8 parishioners in a small discussion group.  You will be notified at the end of September who's small group you will be in, and where you will actually meet.

Can I sign up with my spouse and/or a friend?

Yes, spouses and friends can Sign-Up Together.  

Can I attend by myself, or does my spouse need to attend also?

You can absolutely attend by yourself if your spouse is unable,  There are no rules regarding spouses attending.

Is there babysitting available?

We are working on a list of available teenage babysitters within the parish who will babysit at no cost. We can supply you with that list and it'll be up to you to call and screen any potential babysitters.

 Sign Up Here!  You can make a donation for the Participant Book at the bottom of the page after signing up.


Be My Witness - Small Group Sign Up

We will try to accommodate your preferences the best we can. If we can't accommodate your 1st or 2nd preference, we will give you a call.

Someone will contact you through email or phone to let you know which group you're in, and when and where you'll meet.



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