Renew - Be My Witness

Renew - Be My Witness

RENEW—Be My Witness

We are excited to announce a new program here at Maternity called Be My Witness.  This program draws its inspiration from Pope Francis’ landmark document on evangelization, The Joy of the Gospel.  This program helps parish leaders view everything that we do through the lens of evangelization and then gets us praying, discussing and planning ways to center our parish on constant missionary outreach.  This process works by building an ever-widening circle of commitment in two powerful ways:  Phase 1: helps key parish leaders develop a shared vision of evangelization, and Phase 2: Engaging and forming parishioners as missionary disciples.

And then, RENEW’s training and learning modules equip these key parish leaders to collaborate on action plans that support 5 areas that matter for evangelization: 

  1.  Preparing for a joyful Sunday worship experience
  2. Cultivating the feeling of Welcome 
  3. Fostering the sense of Belonging  
  4. Offering opportunities and training for giving Witness and
  5. Reaching out in Mission.

The RENEW Parish Assessment is offered as a lens through which parish leaders can assess each of these 5 important areas of evangelization.  The results help identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth.

At this time we are conducting our 5 assessments.  Some of you will be directly asked to complete an Assessment as we are seeking to capture useful information from particular groups within the parish.  However, we also like to make these assessments available to everyone within the parish who would like to complete one. 

To participate in the parish assessment click on the following link:


or contacting Julie Worby at 815-933-8285 ext. 115,

and a paper copy will be mailed directly to you along with directions. 

All assessments are due no later than September 29th. 

Thank you in advance for your participation.